About Me

IMG_4477 “There is great irony in the fact that the moment you become comfortable in your skin, it begins to sag.” –Cayli Cavaco Reck

I have been surrounded by fashion and beauty since I was in utero. Not only do I have the unique distinction of being born to two former Vogue fashion editors, but, together, my father Paul Cavaco—an iconic stylist—and my mother Kezia Keeble—a style visionary—formed what is now fashion PR powerhouse KCD while my mother was pregnant with me. Quite literally, I have been “on set” since the day I was conceived.

As a result, aesthetics are my mother tongue. I count some of the most well-known names in fashion, home, beauty, media and entertainment as not just friends, but as family; and my life has been spent behind the scenes, from editorial shoots to fashion shows. An editor in my own right, my name has been listed on the mastheads of magazines including Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Elle Accessories and Elle Decor and I have contributed to the pages of House & Garden, C Magazine and Allure, to name a few. These days, I work as a brand strategist and creative director for fashion, beauty and lifestyle lines.

That said, I am a mom and a wife first. Nothing is more important to me than taking care of the people I love and by extension, taking care of myself. I lost my mother at the young, formative age of thirteen. At that time, I felt so unbelievably at sea. One thing that gave me some comfort was self-care. There is a comfort for me in the regimen: The act of applying, experimenting and discovering amazing new formulas helps me relax and feel joy.

Knocking On Forty was born as my passion project. It’s an outlet for all my beauty, style and culture-related discoveries. But also it’s a destination for women, like me—with hectic schedules and limited time. I experiment and review so that I can share my findings and hopefully inspire women. I finally feel at peace with who I am. I want to radiate that contentment and encourage that in women.